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After you’ve had enough (is that even possible with Batad?), say goodbye to Rita & co. and pack up your gear for the journey back up to the saddle:

Once you conquered the grueling hike to the saddle, you’re well on your way home to Manila.

Enjoy 200+ pictures on my flickr account: CDS_SoHo


  • There are no mosquitoes in places like Batad; I came out bite-free with minimal DEET application!
  • If you do not see sun, you might still get burned since you’re so high up; my arms and neck got burned even on a cloudy day.
  • You don’t need guides. Although they’re cheap for 200 pesos for a hike to the waterfalls, as long as you follow my route (down to village, across the terraces, up the ridge opposite of where you’re staying, and then back down to the waterfalls), you’ll be fine.

NEXT UP: Tagaytay & Taal Volcano! The only volcano island within a lake, within an island, within an island…in the world. And it’s an active volcano too.

– At time of posting in Manila, Philippines, it was 82.4 °F – Humidity: 100% | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds