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Goodbye Hanoi.

Goodbye beating heart of Southeast Asia.

Goodbye flash thunderstorms, and flash floods.

Ohh boy, someone is in trouble: getting arrested for panhandling

Goodbye city of Ngoc Son Lake, Bach Ma Temple, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and Water Puppetry.

Goodbye countless hotels, hostels and free wifi. Goodbye steaming pots of rice and open-bus tours.

Goodbye city of endless touts, cyclos, xe-oms, and persistent cab drivers.

Goodbye city where sidewalks are reserved for motorbikes, where every passing minute is a game of Frogger.

A 1st person POV of anyone crossing the street in Hanoi.

Goodbye communal dinners, concrete picnics, and open air markets.

Goodbye quiet temples and crowded alleyways. Goodbye city with a past and present, Goodbye city of Old Asia we all had dreamed about.

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See y’all in Saigon.

– At time of posting in Hue, it was 91.4 °F – Humidity: 59% | Wind Speed: 11km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds