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On this journey so far, I have been told that I could be any of a number of different nationalities…

1. Korean – Calvin tells me that my face is what gives it away. And everywhere I go – people seem to already know – and I am greeted with Anyong Haseyo…

2. Half-Vietnamese or Malaysian – maybe because I’m darker than most other Koreans?

3. American “Tough Girl” – A fellow Asian tourist – a middle-aged man – called me this yesterday – and not with any mean or snarky connotations. I mean, if exploring all of the ruins, climbing all of the temples, and not walking around in heels and with an umbrella, hat, and scarf to shade myself is being tough… then sure! Why not.

– At time of posting in Siemreap, it was 93.2 °F – Humidity: 56% | Wind Speed: 5km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds