Man’s Cure for the Fever

June 20th, 2010 by Calvin Sun

Good news: My fever is gone, although my stomach is still in a little tizzy. The cure for the fever? A healthy serving of coconut water, chicken bamboo soup, and 30 minutes in a Laotian herbal sauna for $2 USD.

The culprit for the sickness? I’ve noticed that Annah brushes her teeth with bottled water, whereas I’ve been using tap water this whole trip. But that’s just a hypothesis, so don’t take my word for it. Once I finish 7 grueling years of medical training starting this Fall, I’ll get back to you with a better idea of what happened.

Anyways, we just saw a very very bizarre Buddha Park 20.6km south of Vientiane and we’re about to head to the airport for the “most romantic city in Southeast Asia”: Luang Prabang. Thanks to all my friends for their well wishes.


Ah-munna-eachoo! (say that out loud)

- At time of posting in Vientiane, it was 77 °F -

Humidity: 88% | Wind Speed: 3km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds

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