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So, last night, we all went for a walk on the beach.. we walked for a good two hours (by accident) and afterwards, when Caitlin and Calvin walked back to the hotel, I decided to stay and just hang out on the sand like the true Cape Cod beach bum that I am.

The tide was coming in and I decided to sit far back from the water – just in case.


I guess I wasn’t sitting back far enough.

I was lying down just enjoying the impressive view of the stars and lights along the beach when I saw the ocean water rapidly approaching me.

At that point, I was too shocked to really do anything and got completely soaked – shorts, shirt, Moho underarmour fleece – and my bag got wet.

The electronics inside were fortunately either in some sort of case or small, individual bag, or were in a zippered pocket.

They all got slightly wet or damp… but I think that they’re okay, just a little sand. But I cannot quite say the same about my clothes which are still covered in sand even after attempting to wash them.

And can I just add that before and after that wave, there was not a single wave that came up that far? Just my luck!

Lesson Learned: don’t sit on the beach when the tide is coming in… even if you are sitting far back from where the water reaches.

– At time of posting in Bali, it was 82.4 °F – Humidity: 83% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds