It’s weird to…

  • have a hot shower with good water pressure.
  • have a clean bathroom.
  • have more than 4 pairs of underwear, 5 pairs of socks, 5 shirts and 1 pair of pants to choose from.
  • have an insulated cab.
  • lie in a familiar bed.
  • dig through clothes from a closet instead of a bag.
  • have a working computer with uninterrupted, fast internet.
  • see Americans.
  • see diversity.
  • see familiar faces.
  • see yellow cabs.
  • leave tip.
  • hear English in American accents.
  • use a cell phone.
  • read time from a watch.
  • wear jeans.
  • wear more than one pair of pants.
  • wear a different pair of shoes.
  • brush my teeth with tap water.
  • drink tap water.
  • not having to think about how to bargain.
  • not having to think about finding the closest internet cafe.
  • not having to think about putting on mosquito repellant.
  • not having to think about taking daily malarial pills.
  • not having to think about sunburn.
  • not having to think about racing against time.
  • not having to think about fitting everything in one day.
  • not having to think about how to get to my next destination.

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