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I won’t lie, the first thing that came over me when I stepped into JFK Airport 30 minutes ago was “Again?!”

“Ay, but I’m tired.

Like a familiar scent the sterile linoleum gloss of JFK Airport reminded me everything I hated about flying: long lines, either having something lost or destroyed at security, misplacing my passport, and the waiting; a kind of superfluous waiting for a trip that will end up being shorter than the flight itself.

But then I remember that only a few days ago I was also nostalgic for the feeling of travel. No matter how abrupt or bizarre the circumstances, I’m getting my wish here. Last summer I learned to develop a fondness for international economy-class jetsetting, complications and all. Because it’s these complications that make it real, and what becomes the stuff of nostalgia.

Other side of the world, here I come again.

– At time of posting in New York City, it was 28.4 °F – Humidity: 42% | Wind Speed: 9km/hr | Cloud Cover: Cloudy