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Less than 24 hours before departure, I give you my packing list for Peru and Colombia, 7 cities in 7 days:


3 shirts, 1 waterproof pants, 3 pairs of socks, 3 boxer-briefs, 1 dress pants, 1 dress shirt

Fitting it all in . . .

…in one small Eagle Creek packing cube!

shampoo, conditioner, body soap, bar soap, razor, shaving gel, hair gel, toothpaste…

…all in one little lunch bag!

1% hydrocortisone, bandaids, 50% DEET, sunblock, advil, ciproflaxin, 3 days worth of immodium, pepto, lip balm, tiger balm

Converter, iPod charger, netbook charger, camera charger

Day bag: Medikit, Lonely Planet, Camera Lens, netbook, shades, camera rain cover, HD Flipcam

…and everything else in the red bag.


The itinerary in 7 days:
  1. Morning flight to Lima
  2. Overnight in Lima
  3. Morning flight to Cuzco
  4. Morning bus to Ollantaytambo
  5. Evening train to Aguas Calientes
  6. Overnight in Aguas Calientes
  7. Morning hike to Machu Picchu
  8. Return to Aguas Calientes
  9. Evening train to Poroy
  10. Taxi to Cuzco
  11. Overnight in Cuzco
  12. Day in Cuzco
  13. Overnight in Cuzco
  14. Afternoon flight to Bogota
  15. Overnight in Bogota
  16. Morning flight to Cartagena
  17. Overnight in Cartagena
  18. Morning boat to Playa Blanca
  19. Overnight in Playa Blanca
  20. Afternoon boat back to Cartagena
  21. Night flight to NYC

– At time of posting in NYC, it was 30.2 °F – Humidity: 41% | Wind Speed: 14km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear