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There are very few cities that can compare to the oh my god I need to come back here for my honeymoon vibe when you walk along its streets. NYC comes to mind, but then again I´m biased. Luang Prabang is definitely on that list. And Cartagena. Yes, Cartagena…How can you not be charmed by streets like these:






We did the following walking tour in order within 3 hours:

  1. Museo Naval del Caribe
  2. Convento and Plaza de San Pedro Claver
  3. Plaza de la Aduana
  4. Plaza de los Coches
  5. Puerta del Reloj
  6. Walk westwards along Calle de Roman, passing by the Catedral
  7. Plaza de Bolivar
  8. Palacio de la Inquisicion
  9. Iglesia and Plaza de Santo Domingo
  10. Walk eastwards along Calle de la Mantilla, Calle de la Estrella, Calle La Soledad, and make a left along Calle Segunda de Badillo
  11. Make a right along Calle Santismo
  12. Iglesia de Santo Toribo de Mangrovejo
  13. Walk eastwards along Calle 7 Infantes and Calle Poritobelo
  14. Monumento a la India Catalina
  15. Walk north unto you hit the Las Bovedas
  16. Walk south to Puente Heredia and east (20-30 min) to the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas
  17. Take a cab to the Convento de la Popa


Inside the Cathedral


Inside Plaza de Bolivar


Plaza de Bolivar


Palacio de Inquisicion, demonstrating the various torture devices of the Spanish Inquisition


Palacio de Inquisicion, demonstrating the various torture devices of the Spanish Inquisition

Last night we ate at La Cervicheria, a restaurant that was featured for its creative ways of cooking cerviche (shrimp with mango, mozzarella sauce, garlic sauce, BBQ mexican, peanut butter octopus…) on Anthony Bourdain´s show, No Reservations:



La Cervicheria

It’ll be hard to miss the fortification walls around Cartagena:


Cartagena´s old city is surrounded by an intact Spanish fort


Walking along the fort, and taking aim at the buses…


Walking towards Las Bovedas (the old dungeons)



Overlooking Las Bovedas


So the dungeons of Las Bovedas have been converted into tourist shops…


One of the dungeons, which has become a souvenir shop

Probably one of the biggest highlights of Cartagena is the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, which has remained to be the most impressive Spanish fort constructed in South America. Don´t miss it.


Leaving Cartagena´s Old City


Walking towards the Castillo de San Felipe, catching a man bathing in the meantime


Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas


What a sick place to have your wedding reception


Crashing the party


Descending into the tunnels of Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas




Some of the tunnels´lights were out, so I had to use my flashlight




Afterwards you have the option of taking a cab to the Convent de La Popa, which is the highest point in Cartagena with amazing views of the city. One option is to walk up the hill (30 minutes), which has been highly UNrecommended by everyone in Cartagena (Lonely Planet compares it to a trek in the Mojave Desert). 

The other option is get a cab which will tend to upcharge you up to $40,000 colombian pesos for a 10 minute ride, which is 8x the normal rate for a ride that long around the city. Choose your own adventure.



Views of Cartagena from the Convent de La Popa



All in all, a full day in one of South America´s most charming city, in my opinion surpassing the quaitness of Peru´s Cuzco. I think tonight we´ll grab a drink at Café del Mar, and then go dancing at another club somewhere outside of the Old City. After that, it´s time to pack for the trip home…

– At time of posting in Cartagena, it was 84.2 °F
Humidity: 79% | Wind Speed: 16km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear