Destination Arrival
1 Sofia, Bulgaria November 12, 2016
2 Plovdiv, Bulgaria November 13, 2016

Monsooners: Sarah “Token” Parise, Brenda “Heights” Duong, Amanda “Red Bull” Cheng, Kimberly “Russian Standard” Duong, Minna “Nikon Insurance Policy” Choi, Permveer “Elevator Doors” Longia, Mrinal “Free Walking Tour” Mohanka

Remarks: “A quick weekend get away to Sofia and Plovdiv Bulgaria, just in time to take a breather from America! Thanks The Monsoon Diaries for planning another great trip!” – Sarah Parise

“This past weekend, I embarked on another insane weekend trip abroad – this time to BULGARIA! In a day and a half, we backpacked through Sophia and Plovdiv with The Monsoon Diaries!” – Brenda Duong

Destination Arrival
1 Bran, Romania October 22, 2016
2 Brasov, Romania October 22, 2016
3 Bucharest, Romania October 23, 2016
Monsooners: Anonymous “In Denial” Anonymous, Ty “I’m With Her, Kinda” Headley, Dmitry “Birthday Boy” Dobrovolskiy


Destination Arrival
1 Barcelona, Spain September 10, 2016
2 Andorra la Vella, Andorra September 11, 2016
3 Barcelona, Spain September 12, 2016
Monsooners: Venkat “The Biggest Man In Andorra” Kausik, Christina “Parachutes” Elise, David “Senator-Elect” Ali

Remarks: “It’s been amazing! Great food, making new friends, and truly inspiring Gaudi architecture. Proud to be a Monsooner.” – David Ali

Destination Arrival
1 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia July 31, 2016
2 Nairobi, Kenya August 1, 2016
3 Lilongwe, Malawi August 1, 2016
4 Maputo, Mozambique August 2, 2016
5 Manzini, Swaziland August 3, 2016
6 Maseru, Lesotho August 4, 2016
7 Johannesburg, South Africa August 6, 2016
8 Livingstone, Zambia August 7, 2016
9 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe August 7, 2016
10 Kasane, Botswana August 8, 2016
11 Cape Town, South Africa August 11, 2016
12 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa August 12, 2016
13 Sossusvlei, Namibia August 14, 2016
14 Windhoek, Namibia August 15, 2016
Monsooners: Michelle “Adventure Pants” Duncan, Kel “Hopeless Romantic” Sage, Ambrose “The Epicurean” Chu, Sarah “Poland Spring” Parise, Linda “A Lannister Always Pays Her Debts” Zhou, Sze “March Of The Penguins” Chan, Nadi “Guardian Angel” Kaonga, Samantha “FML” Kay Miller, Mikey “The Virgin” Ryan, Aaron “Boy Wonder” Lam

Remarks: “No matter how many times I say it, I can’t say enough how much fun I had traveling with you guys. You guys are amazing people! I miss you all a bunch. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the trip. Stay safe and have fun! Watch out for those holes!” – Aaron Lam

“Made it back to JFK, again, thanks again Calvin for another awesome and memorable trip!” – Ambrose Chu

“Well, it was awesome meeting all of you amazing people and I really hope I get to see you guys on more future monsoons and/or trips to New York! Safe travels back to JFK!!” – Mikey Ryan

“Just wanted to personally thank you again for setting up the trip to Africa. I’ve always wanted to go back and you made it happen. As always, grateful to travel with you bro!” – Kel Sage

“I just want to thank all of you for one of the most memorable traveling experiences of my life! This trip has really been an experience of a lifetime and I’m already looking forward to the next monsoon I can join you guys on. Everything that has happened on this trip, both good and bad, has really opened my eyes to how much this world really has to offer. I wish we were with the group a little bit more during the second week but there will most definitely be more monsoons and future visits to New York to visit you guys! Calvin, I seriously can’t thank you enough for giving me such an incredible first traveling experience! I’m already looking forward to seeing you guys again. Until next time friends – Cheers!” – Mikey Ryan

“On my way home :). This was a once in a life time trip! Thank you to The Monsoon Diaries for planning an amazing African adventure and thanks to the Danish people for the last minute weight gain from these delicious pastries and hot chocolates!” – Sarah Parise

“It really has been an incredible experience and like I said before, I don’t even see how you are human. You do so much and still find time to give people like me, experiences of a lifetime like this. So, as much as I can’t thank you enough, thank you thank you thank you!! Haha it’s been the craziest, most awesome experience of my entire life so I appreciate everything.” – Mikey Ryan

Destination Arrival
1 Vaduz, Liechtenstein March 14, 2016
2 Zurich, Switzerland March 15, 2016

Destination Arrival
1 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland March 5, 2016
2 Dublin, Ireland March 5, 2016
Monsooners: Simon “The Gamechange” Lu, Andrew “Hot Wheels” Chang, Judy “Aurora” Luong, Christine “Imperator Furiosa” Ortiz, Brenda “The Virgin” Duong, Eric “The Park Ranger” Hirani

Remarks: “Hnnngggg…Having major withdrawals while editing the photos . . . UGHUGHUGHGUGHG, I’M HAVING SO MUCH [WITHDRAWAL] RELIVING THROUGH YOUR POST. I’ll go to you for all my travel questions, and you answer them like a coach. I loved traveling with you and you take care of me since I’m a newbie!” – Brenda Duong

“Sidenote it was cool finally getting to know you.” – Christine Ortiz

Destination Arrival
1 Vieques, Puerto Rico February 15, 2016
2 San Juan, Puerto Rico February 17, 2016
Monsooners: Michelle “Miss Honey [of Matilda]” Duncan, Sandra “The Cadet” Davis, Amber Lee Makhani, Anonymous “In Denial” Anonymous

Destination Arrival
1 Amsterdam, The Netherlands January 19, 2016
2 Bruges, Belgium January 20, 2016
3 Brussels, Belgium January 21, 2016