The Ticker – Business Section 2/21/12


Youth Leadership makes a difference in global affairs

“…Calvin Sun, the youngest panelist, grabbed the audiences attention with his stories of travelling and the obstacles he had faced during his travels. Sun, a Columbia University graduate with a B.A. in Biochemistry and VP of his class, spoke about how he began travelling and where his ambitions stemmed from. He spoke about his trip to Egypt, where he managed to learn Arabic overnight and managed to survive in a country and culture he was completely unfamiliar with until that day. ‘We are young, we’re energetic, just go,’ Sun added.”

“Sun is the founder of National Undergraduate Film Festival at Columbia University Asian American Alliance. ‘Strive to fail,’ he says. ‘I would rather fail and learn than live in constant fear of failure,’ he added, ‘There are no such things as mistakes, only lessons.'”

“When asked what constitutes a successful organization and great leadership, Sun said, ‘Make sure the people you are working with are your best friends.’ Sun then gave a popular statement amongst investors, ‘take the A team with a B idea over the B team with an A idea.'”