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No pictures because frankly, the moment we landed from our flight from Jakarta, we haven’t stopped moving. Met up with my friend from college, BX, who showed us around Lau Pa Sat, Raffles City, Merlion Park, City Hall, Raffles City Mall, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Park (which just opened 2 days ago) and Padang all in the course of 3 hours. We then immediately changed and partied at The Butter Factory (best nightlife we’ve had in all this trip), and then had some shisha on Arab St.

To note, the Singaporeans in dance clubs seem supremely judgmental when they see foreigners have a rollicking good time, especially when they don’t dance themselves.

It’s 5am in the morning here and I believe this will be Annah and my last night together. Tomorrow Annah heads for Korea whereas the day after I’ll be heading to India.

To be continued…

– At time of posting in Singapore, it was 77 °F – Humidity: 92% | Wind Speed: 1km/hr | Cloud Cover: mist