Monsoon Gear

Optimal packing for your upcoming monsoon!


Our sustainable and reliable choice for high quality footwear (boots, water shoes, or sandals) whether for urban exploration or hiking outdoors


One-stop shop for all our eye gear (ski/snowboard goggles & helmets, summer shades, blue light glasses, and other stylish travel accessories) for every snow or summer monsoon
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The original backpack of choice since the founding of The Monsoon Diaries

Tortuga Backpacks

In case we don’t want to come off as a backpacker on some trips, these stylish bags packs like a suitcase and still carries like a backpack!

Peak Design

Keep your camera equipment secure with these top-of-the-line gear, tripods, straps, and backpacks


Functional luggage and camera travel accessories for our photography life on the go


How we’ve been securing our passports and valuables with full peace of mind for all our travel


Functional everyday adventure and outdoor apparel for the more nature-inclined monsoon

Sea to Summit

When we need the type of camping gear that can suffice against the extreme elements of Mother Nature


G1G Travel Insurance

Provides reliable emergency care and reimbursement for lost property on our more challenging travel destinations.

First Republic Bank

Once refinancing our student loan debt to a 1.95% rate, we could attain financial freedom earlier and therefore had less of an excuse to postpone our travels!