mon•soon män-ˈsün, ˈmän-ˌ verb
1 : to travel despite limited time and money
2 : to take advantage of one's youth in sampling all of the
 world so one may know where to return and enjoy when older
3 : to efficiently and thoroughly explore vast regions of the
 world in a short amount of time

Examples of MONSOON
• "The intrepid backpackers planned to monsoon through South Asia, 
 the Middle East and into Eastern Europe within 3 weeks time."
Origin of MONSOON
• From the original word monsoon, inspired by the behavior of a
 periodic wind and heavy rainfall covering a large region of the Earth
First known use: May 2010


The photo that started it all

THE MONSOON DIARIES: It was 2006. His father had died from a sudden heart attack and life didn’t quite make much sense anymore. In the weeks after the funeral, Calvin was cleaning out his father’s closet when a pair of camera lenses fell into his hands. Wiping the dust off and finding them a new home, he promised that he would one day put them to good use.

Another few years would pass until Calvin came across a picture of Halong Bay. Unable to tear himself away from the idea that such a place could exist, he decided to travel. But a kind of travel where nothing would stop him, time or money be damned. However, his friends gawked that he wouldn’t, that he was a medical student, that he didn’t have the funds, that he was insane, or that he would burn out. To prove them wrong and to prove it to himself, Calvin started a blog: The Monsoon Diaries was born.

51 countries and 36 months later (AND about to graduate from med school on time!), Calvin is still moving. His mission has been and always will be: monsoon the world, break down the stereotypes, dispel the ignorance, and uncover the obscure. And with his father’s lenses by his side, Calvin knows that wherever he’ll be, he’ll never be alone.

Want to join him on his next adventure? Just ask!



It takes just the right conditions for a monsoon to form. For CALVIN SUN, it was the sudden loss of his father, an unexpected parting gift of camera lenses, a picture of Halong Bay, and a serendipitous trip to Egypt (and unexpectedly being left there alone) that stirred up the inexorable winds of wanderlust in him.

He found himself paradise lost in the crevices and hidden coves of the Halong Bay of his mind, and knew he had to dig his feet in faraway sands. His father left him with a yearning inquisitiveness that couldn’t be satiated until he captured the perfect shot of Halong Bay for himself.

And Egypt had taught him that it wasn’t just the destination that mattered; how he journeyed there and whom he would meet were just as essential. It was while left to his own devices in Egypt with no guide but his own imagination that he decided to launch the bold experiment that’s become The Monsoon Diariesjust how many far flung destinations you’ve only ever read about could you go to in one short sprint of a trip on a limited budget?




• December 2009: Egypt

• Summer 2010: Southeast Asia to India

• April 2011: Peru to Colombia 

• Summer 2011: The Middle East to Asia

• November 2011: Guatemala to Belize

• December 2011: Spain to Morocco

• April 2012: Iran to Switzerland

• December 2012: Ukraine to Germany

• January 2013: La Hispaniola

• June 2013: Honduras to Panama

• October 2013: Iceland

• Winter 2013: Antarctica to Pakistan

• April 2014: South America

• Winter 2013: Pirates of the Caribbean

Spring 2014 (9 days)
Mexico, Cuba, The Bahamas, Jamaica

Monsooners: Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson, Jan Elma “Green Lights” Ferrer, Jan Christian “The Warrior” Ferrer, Sonya “Splinters” Chandra, Anderson “All-Star” Lee, Sam “The Honeybadger” Wong, Jason “The Rock” Ea, Laima “Fifth Amendment” Tazmin, Samantha Kay “Alice” Miller, Cathy “CIA” Cao, Christine “Surgeon” Park, Vivian “DJ” Trinh, Andy “The Dentist” Tran, David “Tarzan” Zhou, Justin “Fedora” Huang, Gabino “The Ambassador” Chu, Leslie “Sea Urchin” Auquilla-Cabrera, Joy “Make it So” Achounjei, Steve “Iron Man” Su, Siddhi “Princess Badass” Mittal, Alfred “Umbrellas” Yeung, Edmund “The Translator” Fong, Nicholas “The Wise Man” Chong, Adam “The Vet” Murphy

Remarks: “Such a beautiful country with so much history… too many pictures from one of my best trips ever… Here is my best batch from the DSLR… More pictures coming” – Edmund Fong 

“Easily one of the best and most forbidden trips I have ever been on. Being without Internet and phone was a struggle at first, but the disconnect quickly gave way to an amazing appreciation of the local people and culture as well as the formation of everlasting bonds of friendship. Cuba libre para todos!” – Steve Su 

“Welp, despite the anomaly of getting my U.S. passport stamped by Cuban immigration officials upon entering/exiting Havana, I am back! Fell head over heels for Cuba but home is home is home (especially when you’re not sure they’ll welcome you in). More pictures to follow…” – Jan Ferrer 

“Made it out of Cuba had an incredible time! Refreshing to be disconnected from all the Distractions, phone, email, social media. I appreciated things so much more. I spoke to so many locals gained a lot of perspective, Cubans are beautiful people. Cuba is misunderstood by America. Safest I have ever felt on any vacation this far. And Shout out to my new lifetime friends Christine and Sam. My Roomies my girls. Still with the 40 sea urchins spikes in my left foot that was treated with the native treatment a few days ago. They Stayed with me in the Cuban clinic while tipsy held my hand and sang to distract me while the nurses took turns beating my foot after only taking one 500 mg Tylenol. They slammed my foot with a big glass bottle of Dextrose until they shattered all the spikes so that they can be rejected by my body over the next few days. since no big piece of wood was available to use lol. we Rode the ambulance back to the home stay. Lol the experience was incredible, and humbling, got to see the Cuban clinic! Plus I have no voice but had an epic time. Oh and that didn’t stop me from walking and marching in the Labor Day parade. My home stay mom gave me a wooden cane currently in the Bahamas!” – Leslie Auquilla Cabrera 

“Made it though US customs so I wanted to say that with the proper planning Cuba is an amazing country to visit. 

- Its beautiful and the people are great.

- Its a country that is seemingly stuck in the 50s so it was a great experience riding the classic cars and walking past beautiful mansions/buildings from the early 1900s. 

- No internet for over 10 days was liberating 

- The company through Cuba was great and I made a number of new friendships during the trip. 

- I was able to dive some untouched reef walls in Trinidad with swimthroughs with a young divemaster who wanted to play professional football. 

- Drove a classic car though the cobblestone towns and countryside 

- rode classic chevrolet convertibles from the 50s through the Havana coast. Fun. 

- Jumped over a waterfall and walked the Malecon at sunset. 

- Partied in an underground cave with no ventilation. 

- Found out the classic Cuban sandwich doesn’t have pork in it. 

- Coca Cola is everywhere, even in Cuba. 

- Oh and the cigars…. ridiculous! Plenty of hardworking people in Cuba and I hope that slowly their economic conditions will continue to improve. The improvements and progress can already be seen coming from Europe and Canada. Back to the daily grind and pictures soon!” — Edmund Fong 

“Just got back from vacationing in Cuba. This one is going down in the record books. What an incredible experience and I couldn’t have asked for better people to share it with. I encourage everyone to experience it for themselves!” – Joy Achounjei

April 2014 (10 days)
Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru

Monsooners: Angela “The Lieutenant” Chen, Jun “Poker Face” Wakabayashi, Quechau “Altitude Warrior” Thai, Chris “Gets Up For Pregnant Women” Chen, Ben “The Photographer” Dumond, Cindy “Oakland” Lu, Natasha “The Translator” Neris, Andy “The Virgin” Wu, Shanika “The Alchemist” Jayakody, Karthik “Memory Cards” Ganapathy


“15 Memorable Moments + 15 Things I Learned from South America 


1. Pulling an all-nighter to catch sunrise at Copacabana 

2. Free, open-your-mouth-and-say-ah bar shots from our bartender dressed in a penguin suit on Easter 

3. Illegally crossing/being smuggled into Paraguay 

4. Jumping the fence along the river at Puerto Madero at 3 am to photograph and marvel at the Buenos Aires skyline 

5. That time a few select members of our group were attacked and pillaged by possums at Iguassu Falls 

6. Brazilian and Argentinian men UNF (p.s. heyyy Enrique) 

7. Backpacking solo, getting lost and off the map at 10 pm in Santiago with no money, carrying 50 lbs of gear 

8. Struggling for ten minutes to figure out how to ask “Do you sell espresso by the bag?” in Spanish only to find out our server spoke English 

9. Ordering lunch in Spanish all on my own for the first time in Buenos Aires 

10. Every instance of someone saying “frcking Bolivia” while shaking their head in disapproval 

11. Late night, deep conversations shared over beer and cigarettes on hostel balconies 

12. This picture: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151954237061582&set=t.1258996090

13. Waking up from our “Buenos Noches” sleeping pills just in time to catch the sunrise in Bolivia 

14. Views of the sun setting during our last meal in Valparaiso, Chile 

15. Finding salt from the Salar de Uyuni in my pocket on my flight home from Nashville to NYC 


1. Never trust ATMs in Rio 

2. Gunshots fired in Bolivia are to be treated casually, as if hearing thunder during a storm; take no action 

3. Altitude sickness is a real thing 

4. Night life in Rio gives Sydney’s Kings Cross a run for its money 

5. Keep your camera out of sight in South America – not because it’s unsafe, but to avoid the annoyance of having EVERYONE tell you how unsafe it is 

6. Buenos Aires wins the award for most confused identity for a city – are you trying to be Europe or Washington, D.C.? You can only pick one 

7. Word of caution to fellow vegetarians: brace yourself for a strict diet of bread and cheese (read carbs, carbs, carbs) and do not expect to lose weight 

8. The $300 flight from La Paz to Salar de Uyuni may just be worth every penny, unless you prefer the exhiliration of a non-stop ten-hour “bus ride” (or what I like to refer to as an earthquake/the Armageddon) and the pleasures of motion sickness 

9. Stray far from the phrase “put it on my tab” 

10. Also, put a daily limit on usage of the phrase “I deserve it, I’m on vacation!” 

11. Salt from the salt flats of Uyuni tastes like salt; try it anyway 

12. The driving in Rio is worse than all of Asia and the Tri-State area combined 

13. Thinking of Jesus puns is definitely the best way to spend the bus ride on the ascent to Cristo Redentor in Rio (i.e. how old do you think this statue is? Probably 2014 years old; We found the stairway to heaven; Through Rio, I found Christ; What would jesus do? Hold up, lemme ask him) 

14. When using maps, always check the scaled distance – i.e. that fifteen minute walk to San Cristobal Hill? Yeah, no, more like an hour 

15. It’s not always about where you travel or what you see, but who you’re with when you do” – Ben Dumond

Winter 2013 (30 days)
Antarctica, Pakistan, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain

Monsooners: Antarctica – Anderson “All-Star” Lee, Tabitha “The Alchemist” Shook, Vineet “I Didn’t Do It” Devaiah, PJ “The Champ” Danarh, Arti “Child of the World” B, Dennis “Vormund”, Joreen “Unfiltered” Tay, Victor “Designated Driver” Ng, Simon “The Historian” Lu, Grace “The Scholar” An, Lui “Guardian of the Dungeon”,  Morello, Alex “Enabled by the Guardian of the Dungeon” Hardy, Esther “Perpetual Motion” Wisse, Patrick “The Grand Cannon” Le Quere, Benjamin “The Virtuoso”, Scott “Streaking Redefined” Frazier, Sandra “Queen of the Amazon” Friedel, Serena “Queen of the Ice” Yuan, Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson; Pakistan – Mariam “O Darling, My Darling” Dar

Remarks: “This was such an amazing trip and I’m so glad that we had a perfect mix of new friends that came together that made it so fun and memorable. Definitely surreal and felt like a dream with TONS of photos and videos.” – Simon Lu

“Thanks to everyone part of the Monsoon Diaries/YPT Antarctica trip for making the experience even more memorable and fun. Keep striving!” – Grace An

“It’s the most epic trip I’ve ever taken.” – Tabitha Shook

“Special thanks to The Monsoon Diaries and Young Pioneer Tours for making this the trip of a lifetime!” – Tabitha Shook

“My trip was amazing. What an incredible end to the year with an expedition to Antarctica and a floating party. Can’t imagine a more perfect mix of friends to experience Antarctica with.” – Scott Frazier

“…an epic trip to Antarctica.” – Vineet Devaiah

“We had wonderful days in Antarctica with lovely and stinky penguins.” – Arti B

“Ice and penguins and more ice and snow and glaciers and a perfect honeymoon.” – Dennis

“Unforgettable trip to the white desert!” – Joreen Tay

“Antarctica is met stip binnen gekomen als de indrukwekkendste ervaring tot nu toe.” – Esther Wisse

“Have safely returned from the most remote place on earth with Young Pioneer Tours and the Monsoon Diaries — :-D feeling great.” – Alex Hardy

“…an amazing Antarctican adventure!” – Patrick Le Quere

October 2013 (4 days)

Monsooners: Andrea Trillo, Mel “Puffin-Toed” Tri, Danny “Gonna Shank You” Tran, Jenn “The Unicorn” Lau, Tracy “Queen of Scots” Thai, Bill “Prefontaine” Zhang, Alistair “Monkey Bars/Where’s Alistair?” Morgan, Suhrid “Subkuch Milega” Mantravadi, Freema “Gunner Wants Sum Borscht” Vinnikov

Remarks: “Calvin, thanks for the experience :-) I am gonna convince more Columbia Kappas to go do a Monsoon Diaries adventure!” – Tracy Thai

“Had a blast in Iceland!” – Bill Zhang

“I must admit you are quite committed. I am impressed. Will definitely travel again. Thanks for everything (our fearless leader)!” – Danny Tran

“Had an incredible time with these guys. If you love to travel definitely check out monsoondiaries.com . . . Amazing time. Great peoples to travel with. Go check it out.” – Danny Tran (to his friends)

Had an awesome time in Iceland, thanks so much for organizing everything. I will definitely stay tuned for future Monsoon adventures!” – Freema Vinnikov

Yo mate – had a great time in Iceland. Was good to see you. Made some great friends and can barely speak today due to singing so much.” – Alistair Morgan

“I had a great time with you mate – would love to travel with you again, so if not this time (although feeling good about this time), keep me updated as I’m sure I can hop onto your next trip.” – Alistair Morgan (again)

“Dude, get your 7 hours [of sleep] tonight. You need it, LOL! I had fun. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you real soon!” – Andrea Trillo

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June 2013 (8 days)
Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

MonsoonersAngela “Ah-Choo-eey!” Chen, Jun “Be Water My Friend” Wakabayashi, George “Bannne” Mu, Matt Chen, Kym “Stars & Sunrises” Pham, Erick “Ooh-rah!” Capulong, Bill “Smoothie King/Slim Shady” Zou

Remarks: “Thank you for planning an amazing trip to Central America – it was an awesome experience! . . . I look forward to traveling with you again, perhaps when you go back to India!” – Bill Zou

January 2013 (7 days)
La Hispaniola – Haiti & The Dominican Republic

Monsooners: Reny Pascual, Jackie “The Artist” Ho, Ben Tso, Sam Wong

Remarks: “Thanks for the great trip as well. Tell everyone it was great meeting them!” – Sam Wong

December 2012 (7 days)
Ukraine, Poland, Germany

MonsoonersMandy Cheuk, Cynthia “The Veteran” Koo, Kai Tan, Carolyn Hou, Ying Zhu, Andrew “Hot Wheels” Chang, Simon Lu, Olgi Qendro, Ry “Shredder” Willie, Jan Elma “Green Lights” Ferrer, Jennifer “Crime Scene” Le, Ruchika “Sangria” Sangani, Alana Tung, Krystle Jiang, Maria “DREAMer” Villa, Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson

Remarks: “I wanted to thank everyone for sharing this experience with me. Calvin reminded me the night of Ruchika’s birthday that NO ONE, not even my future husband, will ever understand or have shared the moments I shared with you all — my first trip outside of the U.S.A. and discovering myself through backpacking. 

I’m so blessed to have met each and every one of you. I made a comment to some of you that it’s amazing how 17 different personalities managed to get along; there was not one person on this trip that I did not enjoy spending time with. 

Continue to travel the world, get to know yourselves even more, and thank you for sharing your stories with me and allowing me to share parts of myself with you too. You ladies and gents are beautiful people!” – Maria Villa

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to travel with you all. It was a trip in every sense of the word, and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to share the unique experience with such a diverse group. 

I hope that our paths cross again whether it be a visit to each others’ home cities or serendipitously abroad. If you are ever in the Southern California area, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or give me a ring. 

Lastly, here is a quote that I wanted to recite over a toast at our last dinner in Krakow (thanks again, Calvin!) since I thought it fit our adventure well, but I did not want to butcher it: 

‘The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.’ – G. K. Chesterton” – Jan Ferrer

“It was a blast! Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts, along with your hand warmers and beers. :-) It’s been a serious pleasure getting to know all of you and I’m humbled by all of your experiences and stories. . . . 

And finally, Calvin, thank you thank you thank you for leading by example. I’m sure our paths will cross many times again.” – Carolyn Hou

“[Since my first trip with The Monsoon Diaries], I’ve been to more places in the last year than I have been in my entire life. And in another seven days, I will board a plane for my fourth Monsoon in the last year, this time to Eastern Europe, as a third-time veteran of The Monsoon Diaries’ family—and with newly granted co-blogging privileges . . . click for more at ‘Why I Move’” – Cynthia Koo

April 2012 (9 days)
Iran, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

MonsoonersSonny “The Romantic” Tieu, Gai Olivaires, Andrew “The German” Chu, Evan “The Interpreter” Jones, Anna Wong,  Jade Shyu, Nina “Weapon of Mass Destruction” Yang, Cynthia “Why I Move” Koo, Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson

Remarks:  “Sorry for this late response but never really had the courage to thank you for the organizing and planning our Iran trip. I grew and learn a lot about myself because of everyone on that trip. I meant what I said about you inspiring me as a human being. I should have done things that I only love to do and to take action in accomplishing my dreams and and love of life. 

Words really don’t teach but it was you being an example that help me realize it. I know you would be an amazing doctor and traveler. I really don’t know how you do it as a world traveler and a Med student at Columbia, but now I know for sure there is no excuse and anything is possible if you have the passion and the love and it is thanks to you.” – Anonymous

“Traveling to Iran with Calvin and the Monsooners was such an amazing, insightful adventure. I met friends and explored places that I’ll remember for a lifetime.” – Jade Shyu

December 2011 (11 days)
Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal

Monsooners: June “Mamabear” Kao, Jane “In the Zone” Yee, Go Yang “Artistry in Motion” Park, Calvin “Baby Calvin” Lin, Melissa “Dora the Explorer” Le, Seulbee “The Badass” Lee, Yiru “The Other Badass” Li

“You toughened us up man.” – Calvin Lin

“Thanks for doing all the planning, teaching us all the survival tips and being a fun and reliable  leader for all of us. I got a lot out of this trip.” – Seulbee Lee

“Thanks for the awesome trip. I came out poorer in the wallet but richer as a person.” – Jane Yee

“[Remembering] this, after only a few days of home life, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for a life changing experience. The highs and lows of the last two weeks are the reason why it the best two weeks of my life.” – Melissa Le

November 2011 (5 days)
Guatemala & Belize

Monsooners: Anna Wong, Cynthia “The Newbie” Koo, Maria “The Translator” Funes
Remarks“You are all around one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve had the opportunity to meet. Thanks again for such a great trip.” – Maria Funes

June – August 2011 (62 days)
Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Kashmir, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, North Korea

MonsoonersStephanie “Boulderer” Quan (Turkey-Myanmar), Sonya Chandra (Turkey), Joyce Wong (India), Anya Tomkiewicz (India), Karen Wong (India), An Wang (China, North Korea)

April 2011 (9 days)
Peru & Colombia

Monsooners: Kseniya Khamara, Hilda Poulson (Colombia)

June – August 2010 (72 days)
The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, India

MonsoonersAnnah Kim (The Philippines – Indonesia), Corinne Fukuyama (The Philippines, Vietnam), Caitlin Halpern (Laos – Indonesa)

GO YANG (Travel Date: December 22 2011 – January 3 2011 from Spain to Morocco) is the kinda girl that breaks the mold. For one, she’s not gonna write in the third person. Hey, I’m Go. I met Calvin at Columbia when I attended Barnard College my freshman year, but I ended up getting my degree in English and History at the University of Michigan, and spending a year and a half or so in Seoul, Korea, not teaching English (see? breaking the mold) but studying at Yonsei University and freelancing at everything from translations for artists to voice acting. Right now I’m one of the few students over the age of 21 at Art Center College of Design getting a second Bachelor’s degree in Illustration (more mold breaking), and I’m really excited to be traveling, drawing and blogging with Calvin.



STEPHANIE QUAN (Travel Date: June 10 2011 – August 14 2011 from Turkey to Myanmar) went to Columbia with Calvin. She has no idea who Annah is, but is sure they could be good friends. Hi Annah! She’s currently transitioning from being a chemistry teacher at Harvard-Westlake to being an inorganic chemistry grad student at UCLA because while she loves her 10thgraders (even when they call her mom by mistake), what she really wants in life is low pay, long hours and the satisfaction of synthesizing Metal Ligand Complexes. When not pursuing academia, Steph cultivates a faux hobo-hipster lifestyle. Rock climbing, beginner’s guitar and driving through canyons are listed among her favorite activities. She also really enjoys listening to bands she found on commercials, starting really long email chains and organizing things like film festivals for fun. Here is an adventure-y photo of Steph. See how innate ADVENTURE is to her? Like I said, faux hobo-hipster.

ANNAH KIM NELSON-FEENEY (Travel Date: May 31 2010 – July 15 2010 from the Philippines to Korea) is a relatively overcommitted International Relations-French and Music student at Mount Holyoke College. At MHC, she’s on the executive board for Model UN as the Events Coordinator and she’s in charge of Publicity on the executive board for Orchestra. She’s also a CMS Fellow (Web and Media worker) for Mount Holyoke. Adopted at the age of 6 months, Annah is Korean with Polish-Swedish and Irish parents. Unfortunately, she speaks none of the languages that coincide with the above nationalities and instead speaks French and had a brief relationship with Mandarin. Last summer, Annah worked a lot doing a couple internships and jobs. This will be the last collegiate summer before she starts with the GRE’s, GMAT’s, LSAT’s, more internships, grad school applications, and job applications. In short, it’s the last time in her collegiate career to do a trip like this. So she is absolutely psyched to be taking the opportunity to backpack this summer – even if not everyone approves of it!

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  1. Steven Piatskianova says:

    Hi Calvin,

    I’ve been visiting your blog every so often for a few months now. You’ve been to some incredible places! I would seriously consider joining your next adventure. Quick question for yourself, how do you afford to go to all these places?

    Happy travels,


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  3. Trikors says:

    so u’ve been all over the world lol and even visited the enemy territory like the DPRK and Iran…..so why miss out on the all time foe of the West, good olde Russia lol :D

  4. Tash says:

    wow this is really awesome! I hope to travel like this one day! Just one thing, I am really surprised you have not visited Australia or New Zealand yet. I know there are a lot of places to travel in the world, but if you are ever in Australia, I’d be happy to show you a few amazing places! :)
    Tash from Down Under!

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  6. gardnlady1 says:

    Lovely site, kids, thank you for being terrific, adventurous, open young people. Helps cranky old people like me smile a bit. Love the fact that you ran into Gerard in Morocco. He is an adventurous dude, and always good to fans. He has a huge worldwide fan base, and we all check out the internet, twitter and facebook daily to see where he is and where he is going. He was just in Malibu and Santa Cruz, where he nearly died filming final scenes for a surfing movie very lucky to have survived. Then on to NYC, Glasgow (home for Christmas) and now Morocco.

    He has made about 30 movies, miniseries, many in the UK. His fans range in age (so far) from about 12 to 73. Helps that he is a nice guy, fascinating, intelligent (was a lawyer in Scotland), and never looks the same from film to film and year to year. I am nearly, but not quite, his oldest fan at 70. Best to all!

    Bonnie, Living in the West

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  12. Eric Nieters says:

    What did An Wang have to say about Calvin’s DPRK trip? Slash what did she have to say about living in North Korea? You guys rock, by the way. I stumbled onto the blog when I was looking around for anything regarding North Korea (and therefore read/viewed/watched through all of Calvin’s posts about it). If you really accomplish what you mention regarding expenses being lower than living in a metropolitan area for the same amount of time, I might be interested in traveling a bit with some/all of you :-). Hit me back!

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    dang. this is awesome.

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    lol i love your wall of girls (you don’t have to post this – i just couldn’t help laughing to myself ;)

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