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The Monsoon Diaries grew from sharing adventures and stories, and from these journies, a community blossomed. As Calvin went on more trips, more people began to join him, with many of them becoming integral to the way that Monsoon Diaries runs. Learn more about various members of Calvin’s core team below!

Calvin D. Sun, MD (Founder & CEO, Guide)

The photo that started it all

It takes just the right conditions for a monsoon to form. For CALVIN D. SUN, it was the sudden loss of his father, an unexpected parting gift of camera lenses, a picture of Halong Bay, and a serendipitous trip to Egypt (unexpectedly being left there alone) that stirred up the inexorable winds of wanderlust in him.

In 2006, his father had died from a sudden heart attack and life seemed to lose direction. But as Calvin was cleaning out his father’s closet, a pair of camera lenses fell into his hands. Wiping the dust off and finding them a new home, he promised that he would one day put them to good use.

Another few years would pass until Calvin came across a picture of Halong Bay. Unable to tear himself away from the idea that such a place could exist and after his recent, unplanned experience of being stranded in Egypt with no money, he decided to travel — a kind of travel where nothing would stop him, time or money be damned. However, his friends gawked that he wouldn’t, that he was a medical student, that he didn’t have the time or the money, that he was insane, or that he would burn out. To prove them wrong, but mostly to himself, Calvin started a blog. In 2010, The Monsoon Diaries was born.

Soon he found himself paradise lost in the crevices and hidden coves of the Halong Bay of his mind, and knew he had to dig his feet in faraway sands. His father left him with a yearning inquisitiveness that couldn’t be satiated until he captured the perfect shot of Halong Bay for himself. And Egypt had taught him that it wasn’t just the destination that mattered; how he journeyed there, whom he would travel with and whom he would meet were just as essential.

180+ countrieshundreds of companions, and 9 years later (while also graduating med school and finishing residency on time!), Calvin is still moving even while working now as an Emergency Medicine Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor based in NYC.

His mission has been and always will be: monsoon the world, break down the stereotypes, dispel the ignorance, and uncover the obscure. And with his father’s lenses by his side, Calvin knows that wherever he’ll go, he’ll never be alone.

Want to join him on his next adventure? Just ask!

Diana Klatt, MPH (Travel Ethicist, Storyteller)

As someone who comes from a mixed background, constantly straddling the lines of trying to fit into other’s expectations of her and being true to herself, Diana has struggled to find a place where she belongs. She followed her family’s plan for her for years, ultimately ending up in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program but then dropped out after realizing she was only there to try to fulfill her Asian mother’s desire for her to become some kind of medical doctor. After dropping out, she took time off and created her own company where she worked with digital media, website design/development, and photography. After moving back home from PT school, she planned a trip to go to Australia and to just go wherever life takes her… and that’s when the magic of going with the flow happened. A few months later she (1) found out she got accepted to an MPH program for global health and epidemiology, (2) that a program she developed for asylum seekers won funding for her to move to Italy for 8 months, and (3) crossed paths with someone (or a monsoon) she never expected to see again while in Australia.

Diana now works as a social epidemiologist (she likes to refer to herself as a “mathemagician”) and her research focus is global and mental health among vulnerable and marginalized populations. Outside of research, Diana works in communications, education, and digital content creation. She produces and co-hosts the Global Caveat podcast, hosts an educational mini-series for NYU College of Global Public Health, is the on-call photographer and copywriter for HealthRight International, and now the Social Media Manager for The Monsoon Diaries! Sounds like a lot right? No! Diana loves to learn as much and loves history and the dynamics of human behavior and politics… and loves to share what she’s learned with others.

She’s spent the last few years going all in on the adventures life has thrown at her but has found that going alone, while amazing, has left her missing something – a community. She’s excited to see where this journey will take her and ready for all that’s waiting in the unknown.

Want to join on her next adventure? Just ask!

Melissa Weinmann (Guide, Videographer)

In 2015 Melissa Weinmann boasted a few study and working abroad experiences in Spain under her belt and had visited only a handful of countries. Then she went on a Monsoon Diaries expedition to Central Asia — her first trip with a group of complete strangers — where her passion for travel soon took off; she soon adapted Calvin’s style in exploring the lesser-traveled places of the world.

After graduating with a degree in Communications and Spanish Language, Melissa worked in advertising, publishing, and video editing for several years, although it never felt right. For a while she sought something more meaningful, and after returning from her travels she applied to the Peace Corps Vanuatu English literacy program. She was soon accepted, and departed her hometown of Chicago in April 2017.

While in Vanuatu, she has been working with her fellow teachers creating a grassroots effort in improving English literacy in the local central school. She lives in a small island village where she’s learned to master her machete to open coconuts, respect the kava, and bake with hot stones and banana leaves, all while growing close to her neighbors and community. She especially loves connecting with the teen girls, educating them on consent, menstruation and puberty and reading magazines and baking cookies with them like the older sister she never had.

Living in the Pacific, she’s had the opportunity to explore some of the diverse 80+ islands of Vanuatu, as well as surrounding Pacific island nations and SE Asia. She encourages anyone and everyone to get off the tourist path, especially in countries like Vanuatu, so you can better understand the meaning behind traditional dances, handicrafts, and ceremonies.

What’s next post-service is unknown, but it’s sure to include lots of travel and exploration, all while keeping with her goal of doing something more meaningful.

Want to join on her next adventure? Just ask!

Ann Wen (Guide, Director of People, Pun-erator)

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.”

Truer words could not have been said. After landing her first full-time job while attending NYU as a full-time HR graduate student, everyday became a tedious routine: waking up at 6:30am, working from 9-5pm and attending class from 6-9pm—with weekends devoted to class.

Struggling to stay sane, something had to change. Travel was always in the back of Ann’s mind, but free time, finances and school were the limiting factors. As if timing couldn’t be any more pristine, an opportune trip to Luxembourg during 2017 Memorial Day weekend popped up on The Monsoon Diaries’ and Calvin’s feed. With a gentle, but firm push and words of encouragement from Calvin to let all inhibitions and concerns go, Ann booked her connecting flight to Paris without having her PTO pre-approved and packed her bags. The rest is history: It’s been the best decision she’s ever made.

Each trip as a returning monsooner has changed Ann’s life in a positive and meaningful way upon return—in self-actualization and even romantically. Her favorite trips

as a monsooner include: 1) Queenstown, New Zealand, 2) Muscat, Oman, 3) Budapest, Hungary and 4) Antananarivo, Madagascar. Having finally achieved #30before30 in March 2020, a personal goal to travel to 30 countries before she turns 30 years old, Ann is excited is embark on more adventures. After co-guiding a fantastic group of 16 Monsooners with Calvin to Prague & Budapest over an extended 2019 MLK weekend, the earlier set of apathetic words have become: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

So don’t let time, finances or circumstance or even love…stop you. Take the leap of faith and just do it. There might just be something absolutely better waiting for you on the other side. Join us!

Want to join on her next adventure? Just ask!

Taylan Stulting (Guide)

tibetAfter a series of graduate school rejections, Taylan wound up moving to England for a Master’s degree in the fall of 2016. When plans to meet up with a friend over winter break in Iceland – a pseudo-halfway point between New York and London thanks to budget airlines – fell through, that friend told Taylan to look into The Monsoon Diaries instead. Suddenly a 5-day trip to Iceland with 1 close friend turned into a 3-week adventure on the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian, finishing in Tibet with a group of 10 strangers-turned-friends for life.

bannerAlthough Taylan was accepted to a PhD program at Cambridge during the middle of that very trip, wanderlust took over and Taylan ultimately decided to defer the offer and travel the world. And when asked where to go, the only response was “everywhere.” So that’s what Taylan has now set off to do by attempting to visit 100 countries in a single year.

greatwall3 months and almost 40 countries later, they haven’t looked back. While there always have been challenging moments inherent in solo travel, group travel, mental health, and the frustrations of traveling while transgender — the opportunities to see the world is more than worth them.

Want to join them on their next adventure? Just ask!

Dave Zhou (Guide, Big Uncle)

23191670_10104424561120845_832162207_o-(1)Dave immigrated to the US from China at the age of 5 and grew up on the East Coast. Earning his B.Eng. from Cornell University studying operations research and optimization, Dave worked at several bulge bracket investment banks in NYC doing sales, trading and strategy for the fixed income markets. But that is where his immigrant story ends. . . .

After a few trips with The Monsoon Diaries, Dave decided to leave his promising career in finance in NYC to explore the world, learn more about himself and discover the secrets of living a happy life. Instead of doing what he was supposed to — as taught by society, his parents, or his friends — Dave realized that you only have one life to live so you had better do what you want, enjoy it to the fullest and have no regrets. That is why he believes that everything in life should be experienced at least twice!

His other endeavors have included businesses for e-commerce, accessories wholesale/retail (Tribal Couture LLC), manufacturing and 3D printing in China (AdmTech), personal matchmaking services (Click2Asia), impersonating famous DJs (Steve Aoki), a travel & tourism businesses in Bali (Mudita Villas), and real estate investments all around the world. Over the last couple of years, Dave relocated to Southeast Asia and has been investing in SaaS startups and becoming more active in the live-streaming industry, most recently working as an Agent for UpLive (AIG Ltd).

After seeing the wealth inequality in the world and with his experience in online dating, travel, and blockchain apps, Dave is now working on developing a new platform to monetize people’s skills on demand from anywhere and at any time. Stay tuned…

Want to join him on his next adventure? Just ask!

Aaron Lam (Guide, Orthopedic Consult)


The travel bug: Infectious yet so empowering. For Aaron, this was not encountered till late in his undergraduate studies at Macaulay Honors College at Baruch when he had the opportunity to travel and study abroad in Panama, China and Italy. Despite the initial fears prior to each trip, every time he came back amazed at how much fun the unexpected could be. The friends that you make and the memories you create . . . it became intoxicating.

23314124_10159596597170788_1378788909_oHeading into the last ever summer vacation between his 1st and 2nd year of medical school, Aaron was yearning to go abroad again, reminiscing about the past trips. Yet, no one was willing to travel, whether it be because of the expenses or because it was out of their comfort zone. Through a recommendation by a friend, Aaron found out about The Monsoon Diaries and took part in their travel to Southern Africa in 2016. Unfortunately, the experience was cut short for Aaron as he had to return home to give a presentation. Determined to finish the rest of the trip, Aaron led a few of his friends and explored the beauties of Africa the following year.

While working hard to becoming a medical doctor, on his (limited) free time, Aaron actively plans for his next adventure, trying to find the best spots for stargazing. Traveling has consumed his thoughts. To him, it is a nice refresher, an escape from the routines of life. It reminds him of the path he has taken to this point as well as how much more there is out there.

Want to join him on his next adventure? Just ask!

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