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Our Mission

“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”

We’re a community of students and regular folks all with full-time jobs who have visited 190 countries in 10 years without skipping class, quitting jobs, missing shifts, or breaking budgets. We find ways around the excuse of “I don’t have time or money” and make it work. We come home with too many stories to share, fill ourselves with setsunai, saudade, and maktoub, and then we do it again.

We don’t vacation, we monsoon.

Join countless others for our unique style of travel where we bring the solo travel experience to a group; in other words: “group travel for people who hate group travel.”

You no longer have to choose between a normal life and a life of travel: You can do both. So let the trade winds catch your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Monsoon.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Meet The Monsooners of Tomorrow!

Meet The Monsooners of Tomorrow!

  This July we're heading back to Tomorrowland with at least 10 others who had to watch from afar last year. It'll be a bunch of reunions: Greece Yacht Week is ahead, seeing 8 returners in Mel, Paul, Sujay, Leslie, Jay, Yuhan, Christina, and Michelle The Hokkaido...

Past Trips

Meet Some of Our Travelers:


Despite considering myself a decently travelled solo traveller to a number of off the beaten track destinations, having met Calvin in a chance encounter in Sydney I originally signed up with him to his recently organised trip to Armenia for the specific reasons that:

  1. It was very cost effective, compared to solo travel in that country
  2. The itinerary and approach to travel appeared to be well aligned with my own, in that it was hard and fast, adventurous and hitting all the sights whilst still keeping flexibility to change plans, and
  3. Overall he seemed like a pretty decent guy.

What I encountered surpassed these expectations. On top of delivering on the above, I encountered a trip with like minded individuals sharing what was to prove a remarkable experience in a remarkable country. For many a traveller who prefers solo travel, there are times when you would prefer to give the sometimes rigorous amounts of organisation a break, whilst avoiding the cookie cutter approach of a tour or sometimes having to acquiesce to an itinerary planned out by friends that might not match your preferences.

That is where for me Calvin’s approach really excels. We saw all of the key sights of the country, pushed the boundaries in our venture to the disputed region of Nagorno Karabakh, in an informal, flexible setting, and all the while making some personal friends whom I will no doubt retain for a long time.

Nishant Anandan

Armenia, Afghanistan

Perhaps the most remarkable consideration concerning Calvin’s compelling argument to travel is that there is no compelling argument from Calvin. He does not push unwilling souls to take the plunge. Instead he inspires by example, moving along his (loosely) planned route on his own accord and, much like the force of nature for which his travel approach is named, leaves you to (re)act as you see fit. . . .

[Calvin], you have created something really special – it is likely that I never would have seen Poland/Ukraine/Cuba had your vision not been the impetus to booking those trips, not to mention the invaluable friendships that form from sharing such a wonderfully intense period of time together. Case in point, all the different configurations of reunions you guys have had in the month since Cuba, Maria extending her family’s hospitality, etc. . . . yep, truly something special.

Jan Ferrer

Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Cuba

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What would be traveling without the people you meet along the way, without the conversations you share and the memories you make. I am lucky enough that I have met up and travelled with the Monsooners a couple of times already. It will not be just an ordinary experience where you tick of the sights of each city. You will get part of the Monsoon family, create lasting relationships and get out of your comfort zone. These trips always had an inspiring effect on me. You get asked questions that you have to answer yourself, you will gain perspectives and be immersed in thoughtful conversations. The cities and sights will get a personal touch. A memory full of adventure. All you need is to bring the right attitude – ‘cause in the end it is still up to you to make the best out of the trip 🙂

Daniela Zarzer

Austria, Slovakia, Prague, Budapest, North Pakistan

Today as I was watching a movie and they talking about the Cape of Good Hope and I got goosebumps knowing that I was there. This feeling has happened many time to me since I have been traveling with Monsoon Diaries and YOU. I also saw Table Top Mountain and Denmark in recent movies among others. It’s so amazing to have this personal point of reference when I read and see places that I have been. It’s especially MAGNIFICENT when I get to share my pictures, videos and experiences with my students. I use my experience to encourage them to think about the world as more them their three block radius. Without Monsoon and You I don’t think I would have broaden my horizons when it comes to traveling.

Michelle Duncan

The Baltic Crescent (7 countries), Southern Africa (11 countries)

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Let’s get something straight first. I kind of hate group travel. The nature of my career has made me the type of person to prefer serendipity (and some level of chaos) over the structured comfort that group travel usually offers.

But Monsoon Diaries is not your usual group travel. Monsoon Diaries is more like – a friend corraling a bunch of his friends onto the Magic School Bus. Adventure and serendipity are a key part of it all, but you’re free to explore and vibe with everyone else *because* your friend is handling the logistics. By the end of it all, you find yourself on the plane texting about life with people you didn’t know the week before. Who wouldn’t love that?

Cathy Richards


When I was traveling with The Monsoon Diaries, I experienced the world like I never had before. The feeling from the adrenaline rush from constantly being on the move, seeing the boundless beauty that exists in the world, and building meaningful friendships with people who were once strangers was incomparable. I was challenged intellectually, culturally, emotionally, and politically. I learned how much there is to see and experience in the world, and how much I appreciate my youth for giving me the energy and flexibility to go see it. I got a small taste of what that clear mind and rejuvenated soul feels like . . .

Taylan Stulting

The Trans-Mongolian, Tibet, Scotland, The Balkans, Australia, New Zealand

Calvin reminded me that NO ONE, not even my future husband, will ever understand or have shared the moments I shared with you all — my first trip outside of the U.S.A. and discovering myself through backpacking.

I’m so blessed to have met each and every one of you. It’s amazing how 17 different personalities managed to get along; there was not one person on this trip that I did not enjoy spending time with.

Continue to travel the world, get to know yourselves even more, and thank you for sharing your stories with me and allowing me to share parts of myself with you too. You ladies and gents are beautiful people!

Maria Villa

Ukraine, Poland, Germany