Due to extenuating circumstances, I had to do a “one-day visa” down in NYC at the outsourcing company for Indian visas instead of via mail.

Drop off paperwork at 10:20 am, come back at 5:30…

Because they’re an outsourcing company, they had to wait for the courrier to return to the office with our visas and we ended up waiting for an extra 45 minutes or so…

So I ended up rushing to fetch a cab instead of walking and/or taking the subway to get back to Grand Central for my train back. This guy that I was waiting in line with at the visa outsourcing place suggested that we just share a cab.

It turns out that his brother just got married this past weekend and wanted his honeymoon in India. Too bad the brother was so caught up in making reservations at resorts and buying bathing suits that he forgot to apply for a tourist visa. So this poor guy had to come into the city for his brother to get visas for him and his new wife!

Glad that’s not me.

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