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Annah just got her Blackberry stolen while she was exchanging traveler’s cheques. The worst part is that she was using her phone only 3 minutes before she got pickpocketed. Despite 10 minutes backtracking our steps and searching for her phone in a random sunshower, we decided it was gone for good. She’s now canceling her service (which she had JUST got specifically for this trip) and contacting her parents.

Anyways, she’ll write more about it herself in a few minutes. We all feel really bad for her.


– Never carry anything you don’t want stolen in your backpack’s side pockets

– Always assume you’re being watched

– Always use a nearby internet cafe over your hostel’s computer if it’s a question of which is faster and cheaper (M. Pensionne’s 90 pesos an hour is a ripoff!)

– At time of posting in Manila, Philippines, it was 80.6 °F – Humidity: 94% | Wind Speed: 7km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds