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Just very quickly: We’re about to board a plane to Penang, Malaysia after only 30 hours in Bangkok. Despite the short time spent here, we got a very good idea of the city: Big giant buddhas, traffic congestion, supreme mass of humanity, huge wats, upscale really is upscale, gaudy nightlife, prostitutes + old fat men, and breathtaking rooftop bars to rival those even in NYC.

I will try to equal the energy of Bangkok with the energy in my captions….






Confusion?! ("young couple" gets same seating rights as monks, pregnant women, or the elderly?)

Water taxis! Wat Arun!

Outdoor restaurants!

Giant Buddhas getting served!

Tourist traps! (largest "jewelry store in the world" as they claim)

White Castle! (The king’s palace)

Rooftop bars!

Prostitution, vegas-style boulevards, "ping pong shows", and best of all: RANDOM ELEPHANTS!!!


I think Annah enjoyed Bangkok a little more than I did, so she should have more to say.

– At time of posting in Bangkok, Thailand, it was 89.6 °F
Humidity: 59% | Wind Speed: 6km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds