San Diego!

September 24th, 2010 by Calvin Sun

After a 5 hour flight from Newark, NJ to San Diego, I’m here!

Beautiful sunshine, blue waters, unlimited palm trees. And just like what happened when I was in Taipei, no more than 56 seconds after updating my facebook status about being in San Diego, an old friend phones me up for breakfast right before my return flight tomorrow morning.

Some things never change.

Oh yeah, and I have to take my first exam in medical school in 3 days.

- At time of posting in San Diego, California, it was 77 °F -

Humidity: 62% | Wind Speed: 14km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear

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2 Responses to “San Diego!”

  1. Calvin Sun says:

    studying signal transduction as we speak!

  2. Nilam says:

    I’m so jealous of you…a part of me wishes so badly that I came! But…I gotta study. Have lots and lots of fun!!!

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