Nevis Say Never Again

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On our second day on the islands and from where we were staying (for free!) at the Park Hyatt, we enjoyed a breakfast at the Great House while facing the island of Nevis:



After breakfast, I walked to concierge (also located within the Great House) to arrange a reservation for their own water taxi that leaves roundtrip for Nevis island approximately once every 90 minutes from 6am to 6pm.

You can board directly at the private like pier in front of Fisherman’s Village:



10 minutes later, we reached Nevis island!



Outside we were picked up by a wonderful local cab driver and tour guide named Curvis. He took us on a brief tour of his island, beginning with its history and a stop at St. Thomas Anglican Church:



He’d play fun games with us, such as asking if this was a cemetery or a graveyard (hint: it’s a graveyard if it’s in front of a church):



Continuing south, Curvis reminded us that Alexander Hamilton’s birthplace is right here in Nevis!



From the museum located on his birthgrounds, we reached the “capital” of Charlestown. He pointed out that there is even a small “Chinatown” within, where many Chinese families and even a single Taiwanese owns property here in the center:



Nevis, being a dormant volcano, also has made use of the natural hot springs here with water warmed by the volcanic rock below:



The springs are open to the public 24/7:



The hot springs also used to be the home to the Historic Nevis Bath House Hotel, where famed British naval commander Lord Horatio Nelson held his marriage celebrations here with his wife Frances “Fanny” Nelson who is also from this island.



Views from the former hotel:



Afterwards Curvis dropped us off at the famous Sunshines Restaurant facing the water. It’s home to the delicious but deadly Killer Bee cocktail:



After half an hour here, we walked up the beach to the Four Seasons Hotel:



Although we’re biased to the Park Hyatt, the Four Seasons could be our next spot … if it only took Chase Ultimate Rewards transfers.



Then as the sun began to set, Curvis picked us up at the Four Seasons and took us back to our ferry ride home.



There’s a $4 USD port fee you have to pay to leave Nevis, but nobody ended up asking us for it.




- At time of posting in Nevis, it was 26 °C - Humidity: 77% | Wind Speed: 24km/hr | Cloud Cover: mostly sunny


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