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While we’re still up in the air, I’ve already received word about the team that had their first day today in Mexico:

The Clinic floor is almost fully painted and the sill plate (the wood the sits on top of the cinderblock base that the building frame gets attatched to) is basically all up.  The large mounds of excavated dirt are gone.

Today our awesome prep team painted the clinic floor and cut the roof rafters.

Nice. They've already finished the roof rafters, painted the entire floor of the clinic and got rid of the excavation dregs. And we're still stuck on a plane eagerly impatient to get started.

We're landing in 1 hour!

P.S. Cula is afraid of heights, and I think she just updated her facebook status mid-air about that. When I passed her, she looked like she was asleep, or praying.

- At time of posting in Up in the air, probably somewhere over Nevada, it was -4 °F - Humidity: 100% | Wind Speed: 100km/hr | Cloud Cover: still pretty damn cloudy up here