…is really pretty. That’s all. Please look at Calvin’s photos below for proof.

Okay I need to expound a little. The landscape here looks untouched. The greens and yellows are vibrant. The red clay provides a great contrast. The skies are just the most perfect blue. Even the clouds have this soft muted look to them.




I also finally had one of those “wow. religion.” moments last night when we visited Natha Devale (after so many mosques and temples, Steph? really? yes call me a cynic). The temple in Kandy consists of a large multilevel white terrace that surrounds a Bodhi tree. And as I walked around it, bare feet in the dirt, there was a nice harmony with the beautiful sunset and melodic chanting going on around me. Now I realize this is may be more about the environment than the religion itself, but it really felt wonderful. It was more than its collection of parts.

Today’s sights have only added to the beauty I’ve found in Sri Lanka. We saw some (less awe-inspiring, but nevertheless quite pretty) cave temples and Sigiriya. Sigiriya is mindblowng in its construction. Its a monestary/palace/fort built on top of a giant rock (which I’d rate a 5.12 climb with about 3 pitches). It was constructed by some really crazy/creative people and has things like a moat with crocodiles, giant carved lion paws, and cisterns that still collect rainwater. There’s even some ancient graffiti hundreds of feet off the ground. Just wikipedia it.

Afterwards on the way to Polonnaruwa, we had the best tuk tuk driver. He started the drive with “OBAMA!” and pulled over to the side of the road to let me try King Coconut juice, have corn on the cob from a highway vendor, climb a tree house, take some pictures of a temple, and get some photos of ELEPHANTS IN THE WILD. Between his enthusiasm, speed (almost twice as fast as the bus), and his knowledge of the area, he was just the best. I am totally going to try and find him again tomorrow.




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