Social Media Manager/Videographer


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER BEFORE CONTINUING (eg. We canNOT assume responsibility for any misunderstanding because you did not read any of the following):

This application is for a social media manager/videographer position for all future trips.

This is not a full time role. This role is only for certain trips that we lead where a social media manager/videographer is deemed necessary.

If you are to be selected for a trip, your trip expenses will be fully paid for EXCLUDING international flights and any personal expenses such as souvenirs, personal spending, food, and drinks.

Furthermore, acceptance to the trip will be more focused on ensuring the best “fit” with the rest of the group rather than raw skill/experience, as we primarily value establishing a positive group dynamic that will encourage a more authentic and genuine trip experience for not only the group, but also for yourself.

About Our Trip Style

It is important that you understand the ethos of “monsooning” and The Monsoon Diaries and the context of what you’re applying for. As we already enjoy a respectable presence in international media including recurrent features in BBC, ABC News, Huffington Post, as well as publications of equal stature in over 40 other countries, this role is not necessarily to “start from scratch” but rather expand upon what we’ve already accomplished.


However, the best policy is to “show don’t tell,” so…


Our riskiest trips (just to manage your expectations):


We also expect our ideal social media managers to be socially conscious and responsible, demonstrate basic cultural sensitivity and competence, and have a basic understanding of radical self-care, self-awareness, and self-actualization.

You will therefore need to start already having an idea of the context of what we have already established in the past 9 years of travel, and then seamlessly building upon that. We therefore hope that prior to filling out this application, you take the time to read through what we have done, where we have visited, what has been already profiled about us, and especially how we travel, before making a serious commitment to joining our trips.

Our travel style has been known to be brutal, rough, and raw, but also life-changing and compelling. In other words, it’s not for everyone, but for some reason it has been working for hundreds of people who have traveled with us, and thus we are relying on you to showcase that to the rest of the world.

That said, please take ample liberties with this application as we want to get to know you as a person more than what you have accomplished (although that’s still important). Depending on the applicant pool there may be a “trial task” round following this application.

So be natural, be genuine, be authentic, and have fun!


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