Full Circles from JFK to Manila

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One of the first photos I ever took for this blog was the one above of a little Filipina girl in Manila 4 years ago. I remembered thinking: What a badass. 



On The Monsoon Diaries’ maiden voyage 4 years ago, I took an afternoon Cathay Pacific flight CX831 to Hong Kong and from there caught the CX931 flight to Manila. Oh how nostalgia rears its beautifully bittersweet head as I once again board the same itinerary with the same airline on the same flights at the same exact gate that started it all, this time leading a group of 19 peopleto the final rarely-visited frontiers of Southeast Asia: The Palawan Islands and East Timor-Leste.

Follow us on our daily adventures (as with our previous trips, I will be blogging everyday — this is no Antarctica or Cuba after all!) as we explore the unlimited possibilities that can happen with 19 young souls, traveling for the first time to rarely-visited regions of the globe where your mom wouldn’t want you to get mixed up in.

And with that, here. we. go.


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