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Taking off from Sydney at 9:55am, we arrived in Auckland 3 hours later at 4pm (local time) via a direct Jet Star flight. All of us waited an obscene amount of time (~1 hour) in customs before being set free. You’ve been warned.



The first order of business: check-in at our hostel, kidnap a German/Sri Lankan girl at our hostel named Ellena, start a laundry load, grab a quick bite at a Thai Street Food shop down the street, and head to Mount Eden for sunset!



We’re digging Auckland already; within 2 hours of being here I already was overhearing comments on how people may want to live here. Like an odd awkward mix of Seattle, San Francisco, and, gasp, dare I say NYC, Auckland definitely exudes magic.

After an hour here and finally getting to meeting Rachel to join on our 2nd part of our trip, we all then hailed 3 Ubers from the bottom of Mount Eden to begin our quick city tour at Saint Patrick Cathedral.



From there we walked downtown towards the Tower.



For $20 NZD (with student IDs) we headed up to the highest point of Auckland.



After 30 minutes at the top, we headed back down and kept walking south, passing by Aotea Square before returning to our hostel.



I’m writing this slightly tipsy after pregaming our hostel; now smoking shisha outdoors with our new friends Ellena and (her friend by association) Amber, while appreciating everything that’s wonderful about this city.



– At time of posting in Auckland, New Zealand, it was 71.6 °F – Humidity: 60% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear