Before The Monsoon: “Kanyakumari” Here For A Sunrise For India’s Sunset?

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From Trivandrum, we took a late morning train to Kanyakumari and arrived in the mid-afternoon:



Apparently, we stumbled upon a Hindu pilgrimage that was also taking place that week. You can notice them from their all-black attire.



Kanyakumari is India’s southernmost city, where it overlooks the confluence between 3 large bodies of water: The Arabian Sea, Laccadive Sea/The Indian Ocean, and The Bay of Bengal.

They say you can actually see the 3 different colors of those respective seas come together. Usually travel rumors don’t hold up to truth that well:



Take the cheap ferry across to the rock island memorial known as Vivekanada Rock Memorial, which is India’s version of the Statue of Liberty:



And take in the views at sunset:



And enjoy the moonrise:



We suggest that you request your hotel/hostel/homestay to give you a wake up call at 5am the next morning, so you can see the sunrise from India’s southernmost point:



And as this is happening, you may notice the fishermen around you greeting their day with reckless abandon.



Afterwards, we headed back into town for a meal and a train ride back to Trivandrum.




- At time of posting in Kanyakumari, India, it was 40 °C - Humidity: 60% | Wind Speed: 3km/hr | Cloud Cover: cloudy


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