Long Day 2 In Manila

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Day 2 in the Philippines:

After my pickpocketing issue this morning, I came to this wonderful Internet cafe to email my mother and contact my cousin. My cousin’s response was an immediate burst into hysterical laughter and then an inquiry into what exactly the prostitutes look like here in the Philippines. Supportive.

He did call my mother for me though and felt some brief sympathy.

The phone issue should work itself out if I am ever in one place to receive such a package!

In any case, after that, we walked all over Manila, a distance that amounted to 12.26 miles.

In addition to the tourist destinations (Rizal Park, Intramuros, and Fort Santiago), we walked through and around the Filipino slums and Chinatown.

In the slums, we all received a lot of shouting “Hiiii!”s and “Hello sistas!” from children and other girls. Everyone was friendly and curious about our presence.  I also received at least three “Anyong Haseyo!”s. I wasn’t aware that I was that obviously Korean but apparently, in Manila, I am. Also, it was my first time seeing and hearing a real rooster.

Chinatown was much like any other and I oddly felt like I was actually in the United States when we visited the glorious place.

On the subject of roads, drivers, and moving vehicles.

1. There are a LOT of bikes – mostly mopeds but some nice looking motorcycles too. I snagged some photos and will hopefully share them later.

2. All of the drivers seem to be much like Massachusetts drivers: pretty aggressive, anxious at traffic lights, never use blinkers, and some other fine qualities.

3. There are also a lot of armored vehicles? And at each bank there is a sign that reserves a parking spot for such an armored vehicle.



- At time of posting in Ninoy Aquino Inter-National Airport, it was 25 °C - Humidity: 100% | Wind Speed: 6km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds


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