Figured I’d give a shotout to the food made by our very first “homestay” host:

Rita’s Freshly killed Organic Free-Range Chicken

We saw this poor bastard alive only moments before it was plucked, sliced, boiled and served straight to our hungry stomachs. And that my friends is the taste of something truly organic. Ok, it didn’t change my life, but eating something you know is as fresh as possible can make a difference in feeling good about what you eat (i.e. no chemicals, preservatives, age of meat, etc.). Rita’s husband and daughter cooked it well, with some garlic and cucumber, so bravo to them. 2 days later and I still feel great from eating it.

Rita’s Chapati w/ Jam

Crispy, doughy, and added with the right amount of sweet, it’s a simple recipe, and quite delicious. The amount of jam can be worrisome for the diabetic, but whatever, you get what you order.

Mama Dog’s Milk

Can’t say I tried this myself, but those two little pups seemed to love it..

Rita’s Rice Cake

I was really excited to try this as this is actual rice cake harvested next door from the rice terraces of Batad…but it didn’t wow me. It tasted fresh, but there was no striking flavor or texture that I wouldn’t have anywhere else in the world. I guess the experience is more invested that you’re having something harvested and made from next door instead of being shipped by Fedex Courier.



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