Last Reflections On The Philippines

by | Jun 6, 2010 | Summer 2010: Southeast Asia & India, The Philippines | 0 comments

1. There are police everywhere: outside stores and banks, in the subway, standing in the streets. They were all friendly and helpful and made me feel a bit more secure.

2. The subway system is fantastically clean and organized. There is a police officer whistling to the driver of the train when everyone has boarded. There is a female only cart (tried that one, more crowded than the normal carts). The ride is smooth and have I already mentioned how clean it is??

3. My first exposure to developing economies and more prevalent poverty. I am sure that I will see more.

4. The people were so nice, joking, friendly, curious, and willing to help. If I had a question, it seemed that some Filipino already knew what I was looking for. Unlike in other countries that I am sure that we will encounter, these people weren’t looking for extra cash for the information they gave you. The exception to this rule is the tricycles, etc. looking to make some money.

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