Tuk-Tuking Through Phnom Penh

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These are two videos from our arrival in the city yesterday evening. They both give a good sense of the vibe of the city.

Videos of the Toul Sleng Museum:

For some reason, Calvin took a while at the Toul Sleng Museum – I’m really just not sure how it could take that long to see and read everything. Anywho – while I was waiting – I met some Cambodian students. I was sitting on the grass and they all just walked over and sat down next to me and proceeded to ask me various questions. The girl with whom I spoke the most was Sophia. She wanted to know why I found these things interesting, where I was from, what military history South Korea had, and she taught me a few phrases in Khmer (not that I remember any of them).

Choeung Ek (the Killing Fields): A depressing sight where prisoners of the Khmer Rouge were brought to be executed, detained, and tortured. Most of them were prisoners taken from the Toul Sleng Prison – or Security 21.

This boy on the other side of the fence ended up being my personal tour guide – a lot of good information actually! I gave him a few pieces of fruit that I had bought from the Russian Market an hour earlier (I had a half-kilo that I bought for 40 cents and I really didn’t need all of those for a snack).

Apparently – when Calvin walked past him – the kid just asked him for money. Haha whatever – I got a free tour.

For lunch, we stopped at this place that our Tuk-Tuk driver recommended “Khmer Saravan” – and it was really, really, good.



- At time of posting in Phnom-Penh / Pochentong, it was 32 °C - Humidity: 62% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds


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