Videos From Angkor Wat

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Videos are finally here! These are the overdue videos from yesterday.

We’re covering every single Wat and Temple and Ruin over the course of three days by Tuk-Tuk. You saw my earlier videos of my experience at Angkor Wat, and here are the rest of them. I didn’t take a video at each and every place we visited… that would be a bit overzealous of me. It may also become rather redundant for you.

Be assured that I also have more videos that I did not upload for the same reason stated above.

Temple Ta Keo:

Most of the temples required some minor stairs and climbing, but Temple Ta Keo was pretty tall and had a good amount of climbing involved. Our tuk-tuk driver at first suggested that we (or maybe just I) “not go in and climb it because it is very tall – just take picture.” Pft. In any case, this is a video of the second flight of stairs to the top of the temple. I just wanted a video of me climbing, but Calvin wanted one of him racing up the steps. To each his/her own.

Khmer Food:

We stopped for lunch/dinner at a food stall across from Phnom Bakheng – waiting to climb (really just walk) to the mountain-top to watch the sunset with all of the other (what seems like hoards) of tourists. We got some really good food and got to see them juice sugarcane.

Tourist Circus:

Rough Guide suggests that you go and see the sunset from the top of Phnom Bakheng but warns that it is overrun by tourists and tourist trap merchants. Elephant rides are offered at the base of the mountain and Cambodian women and children are abundant and hawking various souvenirs for purchase. I have never felt so surrounded.

Fish Massage:

We ended our day with hours of attempts at uploading media and then a fish massage. “Dr. Fish” takes care of your feet by eating all of your dead skin cells and pretty much making your feet look/feel like they’ve just been buffed out at a nail salon. It definitely feels a bit weird at first and if you’re ticklish (like me), it takes some getting used to. But it’s actually pretty cool – and you get a free Coca Cola or Angkor Beer (the local brew). The going rate? $3 for twenty minutes.


There are two more videos that I was able to upload… two videos out of… 15. Hopefully more to come.




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