Southeast Asian Call To Home

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Okay, so after leaving Vientiane, we headed to Luang Prabang… which really just feels like a Southeast Asian version of Cape Cod. Small, quaint, exorbitant prices for sunscreen, teeming with tourists and almost invisible residents….

For me, there isn’t really much appeal, coming from the girl who grew up living on Cape Cod (and yes I do mean year-round).

On another note…

A couple of things learned in Laos:

1. The airport in Laos’s capital, Vientiane, is not much more than a concrete building with three rooms… doesn’t look like it’s falling apart – but if the airport were to suddenly close, I wouldn’t have any problem thinking that the building had been abandoned for quite some time.

2. Don’t pronounce the “s” in Laos – you’ll look like an idiot.

3. Apparently I look like a local? People see Calvin walk past with his huge camera, then Caitlin who is not Asian, and then they see me and immediately start talking to me in Laos. People almost think that I’m their tour guide or something.

4. No one in S.E.A. and especially in Laos wears sunscreen and so stores can get away with charging exorbitant prices ($14USD for a carry-on size bottle) for sunscreen. Pft.

I am currently attempting to upload videos in a slightly faster internet cafe. Hopefully they will be up soon!


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