We covered the city in a day – even with some elongated stops here and there to talk about… random things.

May I just say that the public transportation in Kuala Lumpur is exceptionally deceitfully convenient. It only appears to be a great way to get around.

It starts off by:

1. Taking you to all the parts of the city that you want to go.

But then it tricks you with:

2. Forcing you to pay with only exact change.

3. Transfers to other trains that don’t really exist… or do if you walk down the street and around the corner.

4. Tricky ways to prevent you from getting out! (I swear we’re not incompetent but we really couldn’t get out of the station for a few minutes there).


And at the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, we saw and followed these really ignorant and (I would like to say stupid but I will refrain) silly tourists who just waltzed in – uncovered, still wearing shoes, etc. Here is the video of them being caught!


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