Internet is still slow… I’m hoping to upload a 32 second video that has taken 35 minutes so far to upload 10%… in fact, the upload hasn’t progressed for the past 10 minutes. Bear with me if you don’t see any videos for a while.

In any case…

Today I took a surf lesson. I decided,

1. “Hey, you’re going to be in Bali once,”

2. “The surfing is supposed to be just wonderful,”

3. “You’ve got to give it a shot.”

Now my previous experience with surfing is rather pedestrian.

It consisted of me renting the wetsuit and the board and whatnot and attempting to surf han solo.

On these particularly special occasions, I would catch a wave and basically not know what to do with myself.


Today, I had a pretty good instructor (and I think that I’m a pretty fast learner) and I stood up on every single wave.

Mind you, there were several times that I stood for maybe 5 seconds – but I still count those.

I also had a few good runs where I actually rode out the wave all the way to the shore.. however, that happened maybe five times.

The lesson was supposed to last one hour. It lasted a good two hours and I got a pretty serious workout. The instructor was also one of the beach’s lifeguards and we hung out for most of the afternoon.

Hey, free Balinese food and coffee, hanging out with the locals, and sitting under an umbrella versus in the bright sunshine is a pretty good time if you ask me.

Caitlin and I also got a free ride on his motorcycle [after watching the sunset on the beach] to this shop that we wanted to see.

Again, sounds like a good time to me.

I also learned a couple of things about Balinese/Indonesian lifeguards:

1. Many of the lifeguards work for the government:

a. It’s a government position (for those who don’t find work with a private place) and the lifeguards are moved around a LOT.

2. All of the lifeguards train at the same place/with the same program

a. And because of that.. all of the lifeguards up and down the beaches of Bali know each other.


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