Motorbike Excursions And Not-So-Secret Admirers

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Caitlin and I (who are still in Bali) wanted to live out our dream of riding motorbikes into the sunset. :/

The only way to accomplish said dream is to rent motorbikes. We figured that we would ride to the bus station and back (we needed to buy tickets to Surabaya and renting is much cheaper than taking a metered taxi anyway).


We went to go rent them. I had some limited, previous experience with manual motorbikes from my driving excursion back in the Philippines. So I was a little rough but okay. Caitlin, however, had never before driven a motorbike and needed instruction. The guys giving her instructions were making absolutely no sense whatsoever and were all trying to shout instructions at the same time.

Understandably, Caitlin had no idea what to do at first and made several mistakes. They called her driving scary (a huge stereotype role reversal considering that Asian women are supposed to be the worst drivers) and didn’t want her riding around.

In any case, we didn’t rent the bikes and ended up taking motos (motorbike taxis- cheaper than normal cars) to the station.

All was well and good to my knowledge, but apparently, Caitlin was getting hit on pretty aggressively by her driver.

At the end of the excursion, Caitlin’s driver – Coco – suggested that we go snorkeling tomorrow. He said, “you can ride the turtles,” looking at Caitlin, “or you can just ride me!”

There were some other pretty bad sex jokes:

Example: “Ah, you’re not 15? Oh good so then I can flirt with you!”


Well… At least we accomplished our mission of acquiring overnight bus tickets to Surabaya.

We leave tomorrow night at 8pm


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