So Close And Yet So Far Away

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So this morning, I got to upload a lot of videos but the computer was so slow that it just pooped out on me before I could post them… Sorry!

On a different note- Caitlin left our trip this morning at 4am to get to the airport at which point she was detained and questioned by the police for a couple of daggers that she bought in Bali.

She texted me saying that “I’ve only been separated from you guys for 3 hours and I’m already in trouble!”

On a side note- a friend of mine, May Alam, was wonderful and sent me some key Bahasa (language of Indonesia) phrases- which I’ve made good use of. Trouble is- Indonesians then think that I can speak Indonesian and answer as such… Sometimes with long-winded replies that I of course cannot understand.

Exhibit A: this morning trying to ask a local how the hell I was supposed to make it to the airport when there weren’t any taxis available.

I asked, “Bagai-mana pergi ke airport?” – which means “how do I get to the airport?” (Yes, the airport was my bahasa-english insertion). And the local replied with… A lot of words that I obviously couldn’t follow. He ended up finding a taxi for us – but I still have no idea what he was telling me.


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