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Video Postings finally worked! I have some more overdue videos that I will be posting later on this afternoon/evening… but for now:

So, in Seoul, it seems like there are SO MANY of us Mount Holyoke Women. When I arrived I stayed with Charlina Ahn (MHC 2009). I’m currently staying with Becky Echevarria (MHC 2010). I met up with Charlina and Priscilla Gee (MHC 2011) last night. Today I’m going to see Kathy Chung (former MHC 2010). And there are apparently many more whom I have not seen yet and/or don’t really know.

Anyway, here are some videos from last night’s excursions.


Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant:

Salmon Roe:

Cheonggye Stream: