They always ask: “You’ve been to India? Did you go to Goa?” and I always say “no.” In fact, I wasn’t planning to go to Goa on this trip until 4 days ago when I met an Indian family on my train to Hyderabad. They urged me to go. 

So while I was in Hampi, my guesthouse booked me last minute train tickets direct from Hospet to Goa. And now I’m here.



A few hours in while on the train from Hampi to Goa, I look out my window to see the train pass through a GIANT waterfall. I immediately rush outside and stick my head out just to get soaking wet.



Still wet, I stay there screaming and hollering with the Indian students also sticking their heads outside the train, especially whenever we passed through dark tunnels. And when we get out of one of those tunnel, we see this:


The same waterfall


After I got off the train at Goa, I headed straight to the beach.



Regarding the last picture, I’d say this was a mission accomplished.


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