Today we were hit by pretty bad rain so we took only a skeleton crew to work at the clinic site, where we worked on insulation and shielding the roof with tarp.



The construction pace on the clinic nevertheless decelerated and some of us were sent off to other sites to finish a few other construction projects instead. So a few of us treaded over a few hills to get to a house we were also building; a new home for impoverished family who were living in nothing more than a dilapidated shack…


On the left is the house we're building for the family. On the right is the shack they had been living in.


And we spent the day putting up insulation and drywall in 2 family rooms and an attic bedroom. Despite being undertooled and understaffed, we were fed by the family we were building the house for (and also rewarded with stunning sunsets over Tijuana).





After about 8 hours of work, we returned to the clinic to see our progress despite the rain:


This also marks our last night in Tijuana and tomorrow is our last day of construction. Let’s see how much we can finish before we have to leave!


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- At time of posting in Tijuana, Mexico, it was 13 °C - Humidity: 77% | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: Rainy


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