Who Missed Their Flight Now? Huh?!

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What an oddly perfect way to conclude this trip.

In Monsoon Diaries tradition, every excursion requires a serendipitous coincidence to round it off. And this one is no different:

Kseniya and I had parted ways earlier this morning; she was to take an early flight to Bogota to catch an evening flight back to NYC whereas I would take an evening flight to Medellin and catch a late flight to NYC.

So about a few hours ago my flight to Medellin was getting delayed, and they called my name over the loudspeaker. They wanted to know if I would be okay taking a flight to Bogota instead to catch an earlier flight to NYC. I shrugged and said sure.

So an entire flight was waiting for me as I boarded this last minute (which was pretty awesome). About 2 hours later, as I navigated my way around Bogota El Dorado International airport, you can guess who I run into at security: Kseniya, whose flight to NYC was the flight I had just been switched onto.

This run-in is cute enough as it is, but it’s even made more awesome because only a few days earlier, Kseniya actually had missed her flight with me to Cartagena. You can say I’m feeling this weird, unexpected, and yet wholly fulfilling sense of a resolution.

NYC, here we come!



- At time of posting in Bogota, it was 14 °C - Humidity: 94% | Wind Speed: 6km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds


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