Down To The Very Last Minute.

by | Jun 10, 2011 | Pre-travel Preparations, What to Pack | 3 comments

The last exam of my first year of medical school ended 8 hours ago ago, which means I just started packing 3 hours ago. So what do you bring when you’re on the road in 15 countries for 2+ months?

Here we have 4 shirts, 4 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of underwear, a dress shirt, and 2 pairs of pants

1 bottle of shampoo, 1 bottle of conditioner, 1 bottle of lotion, 2 bars of soap, hair grooming clay (of course), toothpaste, a razor, and a toothbrush

1 advil, 1 bottle of antimalarial (malarone), 1 bottle of antibiotics (azithromycin), 1 bottle of cipro, 1 tube of 1% hydrocortisol, 1 tube of antibacterial cream (bactroban; mupirocin), 1 breath spray, 1 deoderant, facial cleansers (when I don't have an available shower), 1 bottle of 35% DEET, 1 bottle of 70 SPF, 1 bottle of hand salve, 1 Burt's Bees anti-bugbite ointment

...all in one nice packing cube.

...all in one nice little baggy.

...and all my relevant chargers (iPod, camera, video, and netbook)

put it all together... (yes i also packed toilet paper)

And voila: my mobile bedroom for ~60 days.

I’m out of the house early tomorrow morning. Going out to celebrate my last night in NYC for a very long time (but hopefully not too long)! If you’re reading this, please make sure I get on my airplane tomorrow.

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