With whatever luck I get with running into people, I’m cursed when it comes to waiting for people at the airport. Yesterday as I waited outside arrivals to pick up my travel partner Stephanie, she was waiting for me to pick her up inside at baggage claims. Since neither of us had any means of contacting each other, we did this for 2 hours. 2 hours of a “what in bloody hell” feeling where I went as far as making an announcement on the airport PA system and hijacking the skype behind the Ministry of Tourism’s Information Desk. And I kept asking myself: “Why is this happening all over again?”

But averting another potential international crisis, Stephanie eventually emerged out of the arrivals gate and found me.  That moment was just like how the Turkish AKP Party must have felt last evening (yesterday was their national elections, which they won): Allah Akbar! (God is Great)

We then high-tailed it to the International Bus Station (the otogar) to buy last minute overnight tickets to Cappadocia (50 Turkish Lira per person).


The International Bus Station


I then passed out for most of the trip.




…except for when I wanted to stretch my legs.




or to see the sunrise…






And after 12 hours on the road, here we are:



…Annnd my friend Sonya just arrived at our hostel. Not even 5 min in and she’s already making fun of me blogging. Haters gonna hate.





Now that Sonya, her brother, Stephanie, and myself have finally gotten together, we’re off to explore!

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- At time of posting in Cappadocia, it was 19 °C - Humidity: 64% | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: cloudy


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