Leaving in two days for the states. gulp.

In beijing now, rediscovering a city I had only briefly seen before. I love these back alleys and tea shops.

Two things I should start this entry with:

1. I was raised Chinese (well, as well as my parents could manage in suburban New Jersey). When we get together with my relatives, we consume up to 17 different types of animal in one sitting. I eat a lot. and. I will eat anything. Dead animals hanging by a hook at the market? Yummy.*

2. As a follower of Jonathan Gold and a fantastic cook himself, one of my friends, Cody, has earned my trust from his dinner parties and recommendations such that when we both lived in LA and he’d call to say “we’re getting dinner and its 1.5 hours away in the San Gabriel valley”, I’d get my keys.

So combine these two things: Chinese food and Cody. And we get my stay in Beijing.

The things I’ve eaten so far:

  • beef soup with noodles
  • edamame
  • pork skin with chili
  • wood ear mushroom with wasabi soy sauce
  • cabbage
  • boiled eggs preserved in tea
  • sweet pastries
  • red bean ice cream
  • hotdogs wrapped in croissants
  • a whole leg of mutton
  • naan
  • tofu skin
  • dried sweet potatoes
  • various jellied sweets from the candy shop

And it has been all SO GOOD

Tonight’s my last night in Beijing and the last night of my trip. I can’t wait to see what’s for dinner. I’m going to eat until I cry.

*I have been toying with vegetarianism in LA though. Mostly because its healthier and LA has great vegetables. But, I can’t deny my upbringing and the excitement I feel when I see fat dripping off of a well roasted duck.



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