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Calvin is kicking kicked my ass in the blogging department!!

But BOY do I have some great excuses for that!

  1. I brought the wrong charger to my netbook. Whoops.
  2. Calvin travels with all the force of a great Monsoon. Zzzz, so tired.
  3. I’m sick. Sleeping in trains, train stations, and cold places in general is not a healthy lifestyle choice. I advise everyone to not be homeless*. Brr.

But, to make up for it, I wrote a lot in my journal, so I will be uploading those later. For now, you can read Calvin’s hardcore, full speed, blistering mega travel entries, and then reminisce with me later at a leisurely pace as I recall and muse over our travels.

Then, we will have an epic blogging battle that culminates in a “winner take all square off” where the readers choose who will win the coveted ownership of Monsoon Diaries, while we all know its just to see who is more popular among readers*.

*I jest.