The Badshahi Mosque just got served


The morning after the Mehndi, we enjoy a day off.   

Breakfast of champions


After 2 breakfasts, Mariam’s cousins and friends took us on a trip for the Badshahi Mosque:



Due to a glut of protests in the old city, we are forced to take a few detours. We eventually get there: 


Some nuts for the road


Before reaching the entrance to the mosque, we walk down Food Street, a recently redeveloped area that used to be the red light district:



Along Food Street we check out Coocoo’s Den, where the owner Iqbal Hussain — son of a prostitute back in the heydey of the Heera Mandi red light district — became a world famous artist and ended up returning here to redevelop this area into the high end tourist-driven Food Street that we know today.

Step inside to his refurbished haveli, where you’ll get to see some of his artwork and sculptures:


Iqbal Hussain in the center


After visiting Coocoo’s den, we lined up to enter the Badshahi mosque. But then we were told that since we looked like a family, we could skip the line and enter ahead:



Approaching the mosque:



People begin to notice I look a little different from everyone else:



And then we reach the mosque itself. The sunset is a perfect time to visit:



The prayer halls inside:



People lined up to take photos with “the foreigner”: 



…while Mariam poses by the Minar-i-Pakistan, the “Eiffel Tower” of Pakistan:



If you don’t go on a busy day, the mosque is a beautiful place to stroll around with your friends and take photos.


Mariam is also popular with the locals


When the sun finally set, we went back out into Food Street:



We return to Coocoo’s for a quick snack, but really for the rooftop views of Badshahi Mosque while listening to the adhan:



Then we headed back to the car for home.




- At time of posting in Lahore Airport, it was 16 °C - Humidity: 41% | Wind Speed: 4km/hr | Cloud Cover: nil significant cloud


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