A Wedding (The Baraat) In Lahore: Part 2

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After returning from Badshahi Mosque, the ladies got their henna done back at the bride’s house:


Rice-stuffed chicken from Saji's! (the equivalent of the "Chicken and Rice" Halal cart in NYC)


We go for some late night ice cream afterwards at The Gelataria and The Sweet Spot:


The Sweet Spot: They pour in a customizable milk or yogurt based solution on a cooled pan and make ice cream right in front of you!


The next day we take it easy and head to the 2nd part of the wedding, The Bharat, in the evening:



The Bharat is where the bride is presented to the groom while everyone dresses up and looks pretty:


The groom and his sister arrives


The bride arrives soon after the groom: 



After dinner, the lights suddenly go down and it was time to go: 11pm had come and due to Lahore’s new laws, we had to head outta there —



After the bride and groom left, the bride’s family regathered for more photos and a quick second dinner:



Afterwards the youngin’s (us) drove around for some coffee and a late night scary movie back home. Old school fun the night before New Year’s Eve!



- At time of posting in Lahore Airport, it was 16 °C - Humidity: 33% | Wind Speed: 4km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds


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