Paz Out, La Paz

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From Uyuni via Todo Turismo, our group arrived at 7:30am into La Paz the next morning, underslept and cranky from the worst overnight bus ride of our journey:


Don't let their smiles fool you; we were all pretty miserable


We did a 10 minute hike to Wild Rover’s Hostel and freshened up for about a few necessary hours before setting off to explore highest elevated capital city in the world of La Paz.


Birds along Plaza Murillo
Plaza Murillo
The Presidential Palace
Plaza de San Francisco
Inside Iglesia de San Francisco


We checked out a few markets for which La Paz is known:


Where the famous "Witches' Markets" would be, selling things like llama fetuses and dried frogs for Aymara rituals...but it was closed for Easter Sunday


And then it started to rain and hail.



So our group rendezvoused back at the hostel and had one final dinner together:



And then before we realized it, it was time to say goodbye. Our 10 day journey through 5 countries and 11 cities has finally come to an end:



While some are staying a few extra days in La Paz and others are heading to places like Lima and Panama, I’m  heading to Quito, Ecuador next!



- At time of posting in La Paz, Bolivia, it was 11 °C - Humidity: 100% | Wind Speed: 18km/hr | Cloud Cover: rain showers


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