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The wanderer is alone. He is but a single leaf drifting in a forest, relishing in the anonymity granted by the countless cities that shelter him.

The view outside my window
Hong Kong's Times Square

Causeway Bay
Wan Chai


He will lose himself dancing among the spices of endless food and the flickering lights of faceless buildings before him.


Rooftop swimming pool


But perhaps by choice or perhaps by destiny, the wanderer will learn. Solitude is but another transient state of existence; the world will find him somehow.


3:00pm - David Zhu, my friend from college
8:00pm - Mink and Seiki, two nurses I met briefly 3 years ago while standing in line at passport control in Kathmandu, Nepal
10:00pm - Lise Carpenter, a mutual friend of my high school friend Julian and girlfriend Mar
11:00pm - College friends Amy and Andrea (whom I last saw in Singapore 4 years ago on my first Monsoon Diaries trip), and Lise
Pavilion Rooftop Lounge


And with every discovery the wanderer makes, with every human connection he nurtures from a lonely twilight to the birth of another dawn, with every first goodbye before his next flight, the wanderer will arrive a step closer to whatever he is searching for.

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