“El Nido” Get To Paradise!

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Within 12 hours we went from landing in the bustling capital of The Philippines…



…to partying all night at Prive…



…to here:



Getting to The Palawan Islands is neither simple or direct. Unless you’re booking a resort charter plane to fly directly into El Nido’s barely used airport (and I would consider that cheating), you’ll need to do what we do to reach one of Southeast Asia’s final untouched paradise.

Busting an all-nighter to the next morning, our group bravely assembled for a 7am morning call to get on a bus to the airport.



Because of weekday traffic, what would be a 15min drive ended up being an hour, and luckily we took this into account to catch our 10am flight to Puerto Princesa.



After about a 90min flight to Puerto Princesa, we hitched 2 buses for a 7 hour drive to El Nido.



Ok, doesn’t sound too complex, but I think matters were complicated due to the entire group struggling from our all night bender.



Almost ran over this huge snake, a bunch of dogs, and a few people:



But despite a few blisters, lost shoes, and a missing debit card, our entire group has made it safely to The Palawan Islands.



Right now we just found out that a typhoon that was originally moving away from our direction has now shifted back towards The Palawan, possibly ruining our plans tomorrow. Never deterred, we strategize.





- At time of posting in El Nido, The Philippines, it was 28 °C - Humidity: 71% | Wind Speed: 12km/hr | Cloud Cover: overcast


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